Love-Ese Chile, Ph.D

Sustainable scientist working to reduce plastic pollution. 


Supporting science education and creative expression.


Public Education

Love-Ese actively works to develop creative and sustainable solutions to the environmental issues facing our modern society. She fosters a relationship between science and the public by presenting lectures and workshops on a variety of topics, from plastic to green technology.

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Creative Writing

As a young person growing up, Love-Ese always had her head in a book. Amazed, she turned to science and chemistry to help explain the wonders in nature that she was discovering were occurring all around her. Love-Ese’s creative pieces are inspired by her scientific understanding and lived experience of our society and culture.

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End-of-life solutions for biodegradable plastics

Plastics of the future will circulate within technical or biological cycles. Dr. Chile’s research explores the role of biodegradable plastic within a circular economy.